SYMPHONY Commerce 2013.1a for Windows 10


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The program supports sales and inventory management (full records of inventory). Possible to issue documents of sales, payments, storage, purchase and payment. It supports multi-branch company. Allows you to drive specific sales policy. It works with printers and cash registers and barcode readers. The ability to easily adapt the program to your business needs · Ability to flexibly configure the system parameters and the rights of Members · Define your own documents on the basis of reference documents, embedded in the program · Defined template and document numbering (year, month, day) • Ability to choose the method of accounting for goods in stores: FIFO, LIFO, and by using specific service identyfikacjiPełna magazine · Support for multiple stores (common data and filing system for all stores, separable data for documents) · Ability to electronic transmission of documents between branch offices · Full Registry inventory (accounting quantity and value of goods ) · Ability to create combinations of goods that exceed the minimum or maximum conditions · Supports serial numbers towarówPełna document handling retail, warehouse and cash · Exposure to sales and purchase documents: invoices, receipts, bills, memos, documents, currency, RR invoices, invoices VAT margin · Issue of warehouse documents: PZ and GM, PW and RW, MM and revaluation adjustments · Protocols for the revaluation of assets · Cash Receipts: KP, KW · Can be used in each one of the three documents automatically converted, units of measure · Ability to goods issue documents on the basis of pre-prepared documents related (eg invoices warehouse documents or contracts) · Ability to issue and print the entire set of documents related to a single operation (such as an invoice, GM, KP) · Support for own and foreign orders ( displaying sales documents and placing the purchase on the basis of orders recorded by the program) · Ability to provide separate discounts to the price or value for each item · Ability to manually modify the prices at the time of issue of the document · Ability to defer the document to a buffer (waiting room) before you wystawienimObsługa cash and non-cash transactions the company · Create reports · Issue of cash transfers and registration of their foreign transfers · Supports any form of payment, such as checks, credit cards, offset · Create any number of cash registers · Settlement of receivables and liabilities (the possibility of a partial settlement - payment divided into parts) · Support for foreign currency settlements, settlement clearing of foreign exchange settlement in any currency, taking into account changes in exchange walutWygodne planning and carrying out specific sales policy · Ability to determine the conditions of sale: method and date of payment, the sales prices of discount, the size of the credit on the card counterparties (for contractor , a group of clients) · Define four sales prices for each commodity · Individual prices and discounts for partner on the good · Ability to specify a fixed rate and volume rebates rates for selected goods · Manage promotions · Ability to conduct periodic pricing in currencies · Help in the calculation of current prices; setting prices on the basis of selected levels of margin or mark-up · Ability to perform group operations, such as changes in prices for the group of goods or amendment of the sales in a selected group kontrahentówSzybki access to all necessary information · Ability to combine data from multiple branch offices (by importing the whole set of documents) in the central database · Organize information in many different ways, depending on the user's needs, different forms of organization of records: linear, single-level, hierarchical (tree structure), as defined by the user · Ability to change the organization of information at any time working with · Quick and easy search for information in the files according to various criteria, such as the code name, number, series document · The ability to create custom reports using the tools built into the program · Ability to prioritize data in the tables according to various criteria, sort descending and ascending by any column zestawieniaBogaty set of reports and combining warehousing and retail trade · Reports (global, group, detailed) for the period, according to the documents, contractors and goods · Checking Accounts and the possibility of their organization according to any criterion; summary of the history of the settlement with the contractor · Statement of unpaid documents, assistance in guarding deadlines · Payment Schedules sales for the period and by persons issuing documents · Summaries of goods under conditions in excess of the minimum and maximum conditions · Ability to create pricing for certain products, for a given counterparty · List of inventory at the end of any period · Ability to track the movement of goods in stores (in Historically) · Creating forms and lists of inventory · Ability to write statements and documents as PDF files and send them by e-mail · Generate electronic declaration IntrastatWspółpraca programs in Finance and Accounting and Bookkeeping Small · Create multiple accounting schemes for documents with any number of decrees , the ability to define synthetic and analyst, and the allocation of amounts accounted for part · Automatic synchronization modules records of customers in Finance and Accounting and Bookkeeping Small decreed · Ability to transfer documents directly to buffer the Finance and Accounting · Transfer of data from documents issued by the program for the Small Business KsięgowośćWspółpraca with MS Office and other programs running in the Windows environment · Transfer of data to create programs MS Office XP/2003/2007 statements · Ability to copy to the Windows clipboard and use them in other programs · Print sales documents to files in RTF and HTML, print inventory documents to files in RTF